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Monday, December 31, 2007

Respeccing for PvP

While BM is great for questing/grinding, I would like to improve my damage output for PvP. So I've been thinking of respeccing to an MM build, something like this (1/53/7):

The single point in the BM tree is all I had to spare. If I had more points, I would put them there. Certainly the extra health from Endurance Training is useful for PvP. However I wanted to maximize my DPS, hopefully improved gear with more sta and resilience will take care of survivability. So I put the point in Improved AotH, a talent that may, from time to time, give me more DPS (in general I prefer talents and gear that give passive all-the-time bonuses rather than an active-with-CD bonus).

The 7 points in the Survival tree went to Humanoid Slaying, which is obvious, and Hawk Eye, which I feel is critical. With Hawk Eye a hunter has more range than any other class, giving us a great opportunity to get the first shot off against mages, warlocks etc. That first shot may be critical :)
The last point is again a spare point and one which I was not sure about. However I feel Entrapment is a very useful PvP talent and I hope I'll be proven right. With only a single point the proc rate will be low however it's there and a little help once in a while is all I'm hoping for :)

Finally the MM tree is obvious, I won't say anything about what I did take, instead I'll talk about what I didn't.
Improved Hunter's Mark is an obvious raiding talent and of limited usefulness in PvP.
Go for the Throat falls in the BM/Soloing/Questing/Grinding talents slot, great for a BM hunter but again, not as useful for a PvP hunter.
Rapid Killing is one of those situational talents that I lose little I think by not taking. Yes it will proc often in a BG but just as often I think its CD will be over before I find a target to shoot at. I need the 2 points more in other places.
Improved Arcane Shot is the only one I'm not sure about, placing talents here can be a real DPS boost. However I currently have mana issues which is why I took Efficiency. This is one place which is very gear dependent, if I see my mana situation improving I will definitely try to switch to Improved Arcane Shot.

Comments are welcome :)

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