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Monday, December 24, 2007

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris was an icon in my youth, I loved seeing him kick ass in movies and TV when I was young. When I started coming across random Chuck Norris jokes on the internet, I didn't pay it any special attention, as it seemed to be a sporadic thing. Then I started playing World of Warcraft... :)
If you need to ask what is the connection, you haven't been playing since before TBC. Chuck Norris jokes still exist in general chat, but they were really thick and heavy during ye-olde MC running days. Many a time I would turn off general chat while in MC/ZG/AQ20 so I would not be distracted by all the spam in general chat, including many Chuck Norris jokes. The highlight for me was a complete fictional story posted on the WoW EU forums revolving around WoW and threaded with Chuck Norris playing an all-powerfull level 1 Gnome Mage. Funny as hell, even blue moded it up :) Too bad I can't find it now :(

Now it seems someone has taken the random jokes written by other people and printed them in a book, trying to make money from it. I for one am glad Chuck Norris is suing them and hope he wins. Anyway some of the /. comments are really informative and/or funny which is the whole reason I posted this :)

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