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Sunday, December 30, 2007

PvP with a Hunter

Since Supersolid hit 70 I've been doing a lot of quests with him, which is both fun (I actually read the quests text :)) and profitable. I've even done some group quests by badgering people from my guild to help and am now able to do the Ogrila daily quests, which will also be a good source of money.

However looking at my available play time I've decided my chances to go raiding with Supersolid are between slim and none. Even 5-man instances can be a problem, if I need to get up from the computer in the middle of a fight to tend to a crying baby.

So how can I get better gear and have fun without being committed to long stretches in front of the computer? PvP of course :)

I started this weekend, luckily I could play this Saturday more than I usually can so I made a good start, over Friday evening and most of Saturday I made around 10k honor points. That seems to be a good start. I plan to get the Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow. Wish me luck :)

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