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Friday, December 07, 2007

Mage Issues

Shalkis posted a nice review of mage class problems: gear+stats, damage and mana.
But interestingly he starts of by saying that it is mostly in mages' heads. I disagree.

I've played a raiding mage for over 2 years and have been using him to quest, farm and raid - in short, do what everyone else does. And I have to say, compared to my hunter (currently level 67), my mage sucks.

Not in DPS, mind you. Supersolid will need to get to 70 and get very good gear to compete with Solidstate (who is using Kara/Gruul gear). But in the *fun* factor, the security factor, the feeling of being this invincible force, or at least one that is very hard to kill :)
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. I'll know better when Super hits 70 and starts doing the level 70 instances in normal followed by heroic mode. But for now, being a hunter is just *more fun*.

Sorry mages ;)

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