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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Warlock Dings 62

I should have posted when Locksolid hit 60, but RL kept me away from having enough free time to both blog and play and I preferred to play.
I actually dinged 60 only 2 days ago. However a level 80 friend decided to help me out yesterday and took me through 5 Ramparts+BF runs (I think it was 2 Ramparts and 3 BF), and the XP from mobs + quests inside those instances saw me through from level 60 to 61. From 61 to 62 I leveled today in 2 hours by questing in HFP, flying around on my brand-new normal speed (150% these days) flying mount. What an upgrade to the leveling experience vs. running on the ground!

So for a total of a few hours spread out over 2 days, I leveled 2 whole levels. That's amazingly fast progress (in my eyes) and I'm very happy with it.

So far so good, looking forward to the next few levels and tons more fun with my warlock. Ability to kill 5 mobs 2 levels higher than myself at the same time? Check! Soloed Drillmaster Zurok, a level 62 elite, at level 61? Check! Warlocks are great, sorry all you mages out there :)

Oh and in other good news, patch 3.2.2 notes show Shadow-priests getting a little buff-loving. Here's hoping for some better raid DPS!

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