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Monday, September 07, 2009

A Few Updates

Still very busy with work so not much time to blog...

Solidfaith still raiding, guild doing well, although I missed the Toc-25 normal clear, at least I got to clear ToC-10. Also got some Ulduar achievements such as FL+4 towers in 25man which is nice for the guild (but I'm not too excited about it, as it doesn't look like achievements are ever going to mean anything).

My warlock hasn't seen a lot of play time but even with the little I have played, I have managed to level him to 55. Sadly none of it was in Un'goro, since I had a warlock quest in Felwood, got carried away with doing some quests in that area in general, and before I knew it I dinged 2 levels ;p
The thing which is mostly on my mind now is making sure I have enough gold to buy him the epic flying skill once I ding 58 - I want to do Outlands leveling in style :)

I actually had some fun last night playing on my long forgotten mage Solidstate. First of all I got him the cold weather flying via the tome, so now he's flying around Northrend at level 71 :)
Also a friend sent me a huge pile of Frostweave cloth so I leveled my tailoring, I got all the way to 433 which is way above what a level 71 character needs ;)
As I had the ability to fly and some spare time (no raid last night), I decided to do the Dalaran Oracle-orphan quest. It worked well, I got lots of free XP just for flying around, both for discovering new areas and for completing the individual quests in the chain. On the way I did a couple of quests in BT and it was really fun flying around to exactly where I needed to go, dropping down right on the quest mobs heads as it were :)
I even did the daily fishing quest, something I haven't done in a long time on my mage. Didn't get any special reward, alas.

Based on my experience with Solidstate I'm really looking forward to leveling my warlock while flying, it is so much faster and more fun than running around on the ground, especially when you combine the ability with Questhelper so that you can just follow the dots around the map directly instead of being slowed down by annoying mobs along the way. 3 more levels without flying to go...

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