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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Meet my hunter

My hunter is level 32, so maybe it's time to introduce him.
Supersolid is level 32 atm, NE, has a good green bow and 2H sword, and some average green equipment. I haven't bothered twinking him out in blue gear, leveling a hunter is easy enough as it is :)
I have what I think of as a very cool pet, a semi-transparent Ghost Saber from the north part of Darkshore. At level 19 or 20 you go up there, find a Cat Figurine lying on the ground amongst the ruins, right click and out pops one of these lovelies. Tame it and it's yours.
I'm still thinking of a name, haven't thought up any good ones yet. Any suggestions are welcome :)

Professions are skinning and mining, as my mage is a Tailor/Enchanter, so I need some income.

More about the adventures of Supersolid, and some pics, in later posts...

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