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Friday, April 16, 2010

Leaving WoW

It's been a great 5 years. I've had fantastic experiences which I'll never forget, made many friends and perhaps touched some lives.

Raiding, my main activity (together with leveling alts :)) has always been fun and continued to be fun right up till the moment I decided to quit. From the shouts of joy on TeamSpeak when Ragnaros (40-man raid!) was defeated to the same shouts on Ventrilo when Lich King 25-man was downed recently, WoW has always provided me with more than enough motivation to log-on.

Too much motivation, in fact. I've been letting RL issues slowly slide downhill, playing WoW nearly every evening. Nothing like a major issue in my life, but a combination of small issues which I am unhappy about and which might, if I don't put a stop to them now, grow to be major issues.

So I'm taking a break. Maybe till Cataclysm, maybe longer, but for now I'm freezing my account.

To any bloggers reading this who are in SAN, thanks for accepting me so warmly, although I barely logged in to that char the few times I did were lots of fun. Feel free to gkick my level 8 Shaman from the guild :)

I'm shutting this blog down for now. Maybe I'll re-open it in the future, if I re-join WoW.


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Tam said...

Good luck and all the best!