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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Disappointed with new Enchanting recipes

Before patch 2.2 I did a massive rep-grind, getting to exalted with all the factions that were getting new Enchanting recipes where I was not yet exalted. I was already revered, mostly half-way to exalted, so the effort was hard but not crazy. I must have done about 7 SL runs to get to exalted with Lower City, 5 SH runs to get to exalted with Honor Hold, and I forget how many BM runs :)

Not that some of the runs were not fun, especially if the group was strong. I think with one group I did BM in ~40 minutes which was insane pace.

But after all that effort, all of the new recipes are gray to me, which means while they are nice to have (especially the new lower threat one), they will not help me level up my enchanting, which is what I was hoping for. Too bad :(

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