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Monday, August 21, 2006

First Post

I don't know what is a customary way to open a blog. So I'll just start and hope for the best :)

I'll start with the title and URL.
I play World of Warcraft, and my main character there is a Human mage called SolidState. The blogspot URL "solidstate" was already taken, so I chose solid-state as a compromise. This also explains the title.

Now a little more about me - I'm a 33 years old Israeli, work as a CAD/Physical Design engineer, am married and will soon be a dad :)

Why this blog?
I'm not sure, to be honest. I've heard about blogs since they pretty much started but was never drawn to write one. Between my work, family, playing WoW (well when blogging started it was anther game :)) and writing the occasional Perl script (I'm a Perl buff, yeah :)) I don't have a lot of spare time.
But recently I heard about the new Blogger look and this got me thinking about the subject again. Sure, what I write may only be of interest to me, but at least I'll be able to write down the occasional fleeting thought, and revisit it in some future date. Who knows, maybe my random ramblings will even interest some other people...

So what will this blog be about?
Anything I find of interest - WoW, Perl, computers, interesting websites, math, physics, movies, etc. I'm not going to limit myself :)

If you've read this far, leave me a note, share an idea or thought - I promise to read, even if I don't respond.

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